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We help the Earth, and you reduce, reuse and recycle!

The mission of our recycling center is to reduce the amount of wasted recyclables! At Quality Recycling, we recycle many materials that fill local landfills. Join us in our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle, and get paid along the way.

We accept many types of recyclable materials. Below are examples of just a few of the materials you can recycle at our facility.

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recycle aluminum cans

Did you know:
Recycling 1 aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for 3 hours -- or the equivalent of a 1/2 a gallon of gasoline, so there's no excuse to not reduce, reuse and recycle.



recycle plastic and plastic bottles

Did you know:
Plastic bags and other plastic garbage thrown into the ocean kill as many as 1,000,000 sea creatures every year! Quality Recycling accepts all CRV plastics at our recycling center.

Cardboard / Papers

recycle cardboard and paper

Did you know:
Recycling 1 ton of cardboard saves 9 cubic yards of landfill space and 46 gallons of oil.



recycle glass

Did you know:
A modern glass bottle would take 4000 years or more to decompose -- and even longer if it's in the landfill. Help reduce waste by bringing your CRV bottles to Quality Recycling, and get paid!

Quality Recycling Has 30 Years of Recycling Experience

Our recycling center is specifically designed with the goal of providing our customers with an easy, hassle-free recycling experience.

Reduce Reuse and Recycle

Servicing the North San Diego Area

Located in Vista, CA, Quality Recycling provides a place for individuals and businesses to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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Recycle Materials And Earn Extra Money

We strive to make your visit to our recycling center profitable and quick.

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